What is Sports Performance Training in Summerlin, nv?

In Summerlin, NV the dynamic realm of fitness and athleticism, sports performance training stands as a cornerstone for individuals striving to elevate their physical prowess and achieve peak athletic potential. Nestled within the vibrant atmosphere of a gym, sports performance training transcends conventional workout routines, focusing on targeted exercises and specialized techniques meticulously designed to enhance specific athletic skills. Whether aspiring to dominate the field, court, or track, participants engage in a tailored regimen that not only builds strength and endurance but also hones agility, speed, and coordination. The gym becomes a hub of transformation, where athletes of various disciplines converge to undergo a structured and results-driven training experience, pushing the boundaries of their physical capabilities and unlocking the keys to superior athletic performance.

What is Sports Performance Training in summerlin, nv?

Sports Performance Training in Summerlin, NV: Sports Performance Training, also known as athletic performance training, is a specialized form of physical conditioning crafted to elevate an athlete’s overall performance in their chosen sport. This comprehensive approach targets various physical attributes such as strength, speed, agility, endurance, power, flexibility, and coordination. Tailored to meet individual needs and sport-specific demands, these programs are designed to optimize an athlete’s capabilities in Summerlin, NV.

Key Components of Sports Performance Training in Summerlin:

  • Strength Training:

    • Exercises and resistance training to enhance overall strength, muscular power, and endurance.
    • Includes weightlifting, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, and functional movements.
  • Speed and Agility Training:

    • Focuses on improving quickness, acceleration, deceleration, change of direction, and footwork.
    • Involves drills, sprints, ladder exercises, and cone drills.
  • Conditioning and Endurance Training:

    • Differentiates between conditioning and Sports Performance Training in Summerlin.
    • Sports Performance Training emphasizes coordination, balance, and body mechanics, while conditioning is left to practice and scrimmages.
    • Endurance training enhances cardiac output.
  • Flexibility and Mobility Training:

    • Aims to improve an athlete’s range of motion, joint mobility, and flexibility.
    • Includes stretching exercises, mobility drills, and yoga.
  • Plyometric Training:

    • Involves explosive movements to enhance power and the ability to generate force rapidly.
    • Includes exercises like jumping, bounding, and medicine ball throws.
  • Sports-Specific Skill Development:

    • Incorporates drills and exercises directly related to specific skills and movements required in a particular sport in Summerlin.
    • Involves sport-specific drills, technique work, and game simulations.
  • Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation:

    • Includes exercises and techniques to minimize injury risk and aid in the recovery process.
    • Involves stability training, corrective exercises, and injury prevention strategies.

Implementation and Expertise in Summerlin: Sports performance training programs are implemented by qualified trainers or coaches with expertise in sports science, biomechanics, and exercise physiology. Continuous monitoring of athletes’ progress, adjustments to training plans as needed, and ensuring proper technique and safety are integral to achieving optimal results in Summerlin, NV.

What Sets Dedication PT Apart in Summerlin? Dedication PT distinguishes itself in Summerlin by offering Direct to You Performance Enhancement Training, eliminating the need for overcapitalized facilities and making sessions more affordable. Unlike other facilities in Summerlin, Dedication PT focuses on top-level certifications and continuous education, ensuring a commitment to excellence in training youth athletes.


  • Direct To Your Practice Field:
    • Dedication PT is mobile, bringing the correct equipment for successful training sessions in Summerlin.
  • Affordable:
    • Drastically lower costs compared to traditional facilities in Summerlin.
  • Enough Space for the Whole Team:
    • No space limitations as Dedication PT comes to your practice field in Summerlin, accommodating the entire team.
  • Qualified Trainers:
    • Emphasizes qualifications over reputations, with trainers possessing top-level certifications and ongoing education in Summerlin.

In summary, Dedication PT offers a unique and cost-effective approach to sports performance training in Summerlin, ensuring athletes receive quality, personalized training sessions directly on their practice field.


Full Team Sports Performance Training Pricing in summerlin, nv

DedicationPT’s Team Sports Performance Enhancement Training pricing starts off at a standard cost of $10 per player.
This includes Speed, Agility, Acceleration, Quickness, and Strength training as well as Corrective Exercise to prevent injury and correct movement dysfunctions.

Our minimum roster for each session is 10 players

Coach more than one team? That’s Awesome! Our Team Training is priced at a ‘per team/roster’ standard. This means that even if both teams train together the cost per team is separate.

2-6 Athletes:

Small Group

  • 8 Sessions PER MONTH
  • 2 Private sessions per week
  • Specialized Exercise Instruction
  • Nutritional Education
  • Additional sessions Under This Package
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7-9 Athletes

Medium Group

  • Up to 6 Sessions PER MONTH
  • 1-2 Private Sessions Per Week
  • Specialized Exercise Instruction
  • Nutritional Education
  • Additional Sessions Under This Package
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What makes Dedication PT different than the other Athletic Training Facilities in summerlin, nv?

What makes Dedication PT different than other athletic training facilities within the Las Vegas area is pretty simple…we are not a facility.

By offering Direct to You Performance Enhancement Training we are able to remove the expensive cost of being over capitalized in expensive equipment which makes our session more affordable.

What our research has found, in the Las Vegas valley, is that many facilities rely on the reputations of their trainers more than the actual qualifications.  They advertise that they have ex professional athletes as their coaches which is great.  However, some do not possess the most up to date certifications specifically for Performance Enhancement.  Just because you were a professional or collegiate athlete doesn’t mean you have the knowledge to correctly train youth athletes.

We here at Dedication PT not only possess top level certifications but continue our education on a continuous basis.

Why Choose Dedication PT in summerlin, nv?

* Direct To Your Practice Field
Dedication PT is mobile and brings the correct equipement to create successful training sessions

* Affordable
The cost is drastically less than going to a facility.

* Enough space for the whole team
Since we come to your practice field we never need to worry about space.  Most facilities have only enough space for 6-8 players at a time.  Anything more than that some players will not benefit

* Qualified Trainers
Most facilities rely on their trainers ability to promote advertising, meaning they played at a higher level but may lack qualifications to accurately train youth athletes.